Following completion of my MArch degree with a high level Second Class Honours Division One at the WSA, I am now looking to utilise and expand the skills I have learnt in a professional practice. I am a diligent individual with a key interest in material and processes, in addition to the application of models within design.

My primary ethos surrounds people, context and detailing, with a belief that architecture is measured by its response to these characteristics. The Welsh School of Architecture’s approach to architecture is technology led with a heavy influence on studio based design.  Through the school’s technological approach, I have become fascinated with the construction process and detailing, striving for innovation to achieve a crafted solution. Dissertation research into ‘The Embodiment of 'Genius Loci' in Norwegian Timber Architecture’ has fuelled my interest in place specific architecture, specifically into how material can be used to contextualise architecture within the landscape and its surroundings. Following a final design thesis with an emphasis upon people and community, I can acknowledge the importance of architecture in promoting social interaction to promote well being.  

If you're interested in my work and would like to contact me then feel free to email me at the address below.

Email: chris52.little@gmail.com