Lysdinam Institute of Use

'Walking through the woodland at Llysdinam it is the varying light levels received at the forest floor that you notice first, as the sun penetrates through the canopy above. The changing volumes and densities of the trees also become apparent, identifying the main arteries of growth and providing a sense of enclosure. The forest is best experienced as a journey, the entrance of the centre should not be at the reception doors but where you first step out of your vehicle. The route to the entrance should be seen as a sequence of moments, encapsulating views, playing with the sense of openness and enclosure, experiencing the true nature of the forest.

Timber recovered from the site, during clearance, could be used to provide a strong connection with the surroundings, completing the life cycle of the trees within the woodland. I will use timber in my design to manipulate the senses, playing with the idea of touch through the textures of the wood and sight through how light enters the space; timber will provide not only provide an aesthetic addition but will also enhance the atmosphere of the buildings.'