Grangetown Welfare Centre

Provision of a Welfare Centre within Grangetown, Cardiff, addressing the needs of a Community

Grangetown is characterised by its high density and multi-ethnic population, attributing to a largely fragmented community. A strong presence of varying religious institutions have largely resulted in this ethnic division within Grangetown, the lack of community spaces, places of worship have fulfilled this role within the community and hav ensued the formation of religous collectives.

The ‘Report for Community Gateway’ suggests that a community centre would help remedy some of the divisions within Grangetown, providing a community ‘hub’ with no religious affiliations, where ethno-religious divisions can be bridged.

Well Being is Being Well
in Mind and Body 
from Cradle To Grave

A key concern within the area of Grangetown is youth disengagement – largely linked with lack of youth facilities within the areas. Whilst an immergence has resulted in some improvement, NEETs is of particular concern (22.5% of 16-18 year olds considered NEET in Cardiff). The definition of ‘Well-being from cradle to grave’ highlights the intention of my design, providing support to the community across all ages through flexible teaching spaces and treatment rooms tailored to specific needs.

Nurture. Respect. Generousity. Three qualities I’m looking to achieve within my design. To provide a space which respects its users with light, generous spaces which in turn will hopefully demand respect back. Through the use of wood, primarily plywood internally, I look to achieve a sense of robustness, creating a building which conforms to its demands.

I will look reimagine the existing Chapel spaceto be facilitate the needs of the congregation and the broad community.

The building will be centred on the idea of a ‘Community Lounge’, locating the café within this space will aid in the creation of this community hub. Circulation space will be occupied through the use of seating and shelving to reinforce the connections between the different functions of the building.

The use of wood within the consultation rooms will help reduce to clinical feeling often associated with such spaces, providing a calming and more welcoming space for those who need it. 

I will look to use natural light and colour to provide a sense of identity to the spaces. Utilising all available space through adaptable design will accommodate multiple functions within one room whilst providing a sense of ownership.