Studio In the Woods 2017

A three day workshop held to design and construct something in order to explore a particular agenda. Using a kit of parts, a tree and a mobile saw mill, each group began a process of 'learning by doing'.

Treehouse Tabernacle (Tutors: Akos Juhasz and Fergus Feilden)

A sculptural veil surrounding the carcass of an ancient tree, presenting an interesting juxtaposition between a carefully curated object and an intervention put in place by a forester. 

Photography by Jim Stephenson and Michael Lewis

Studio In The Woods Feature Video

Piers Taylor of Invisible Studio explains the ethos and process behind Studio in the Woods. The video briefly  introduces each project and the agenda behind each group.

Photography by Jim Stephenson

Studio In The Woods Weekend

An image gallery presenting the work from each group led by Gianni Botsford, Kate Darby, Piers Taylor, Meredith Bowles, Charley Brentnall, Je Ahn, Le Ivett, Lynton Pepper, Barbara Kaucky, Susanne Tutsch, Fergus Feilden and Akos Juhasz with support from Laura Mark, Zoe Berman and Jack Hawker.

Photography by Jim Stephenson